Novaflex 6206

Novaflex 6206
Novaflex 6206

White Natural Rubber Food Suction & Discharge Hose

The Guernsey is the ideal lightweight and highly flexible easy handling suction and delivery hose for the reliable and safe use in milk management applications such as milk collection and discharging tankers and transport, dairy unloading, and in-plant processing. 

The smooth white natural rubber tube will not propagate bacterial growth, is neutral to taste and odour, and is resistant to commonly used cleaning products. The abrasion resistant SBR cover also resists UV and Ozone. Novaflex 6206 complies with FDA, REACH, and ADI guidelines.

Tube: 3/32" White FDA pure gum

Reinforcement: 2 plies of fabric, 1 wire helix

Cover: Blue SBR weather and abrasion resistant

Temperature Range: 40°C to 71°C Additional sizes available on request

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