Millennium LL

Millennium LL
Millennium LL

TOTAL FOOD – Perfect for all food products

Reg. ED 1935/04 and EC 2023/06. Phthalates free, PAHs free (acc. To ZEK 01.4 Cat 1).  Bisphenol A free and heavy metal tested. FDA tit.21 aart. 177.2600 aqueous and fatty foods. 3A Sanitary standards no. 18-03 class II.  BIR XXI Cat2 foods. D.M 21/03/73 aqueous, fatty food and alcohol up to 96 degrees.

Hardwall hose for suction and delivery of many food products such as olive oil, wine, beer, fruit juices, fatty foods, milk and alcohol up to 96 degrees.

From -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees farenheit) to +100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees fareneheit)

Tube:  White smooth food quality taste free and odourless synthetic rubber. 100% phthalates free

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord and embedded helix wire

Cover: Blue smooth (wrapped finish) synthetic rubber, ozone and weathering resistant


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