Our Story

Our Story
Andrew Taffinder Owner

ADT Flexibles UK Ltd was formed in 1982 under its previous name Specialist Hose Associates Ltd.

Initially the Company's main business was the supply of Industrial rubber and PVC hose, along with related fittings and couplings to a wide sector of Industries mainly in the local and surrounding Yorkshire areas.

Andrew Taffinder is the current business owner and Andrew’s journey in the industry began when he joined Specialist Hose Supplies Ltd as a 17 year old apprentice in 1986 after leaving school the same year.

Specialist Hose Supplies Ltd was the sister company of Specialist Hose Associates Ltd, the business which would later become ADT Flexibles (UK) Ltd.

Andrew’s efforts and skills were fundamental in the growth of the business and his influence within it grew significantly, acquiring share capital which strengthened his position in the business
going forward.

This valuable influence enabled him to negotiate a role for his father, David Taffinder, in the business with his co-shareholders. Following the appointment of David as Production Director of Specialist Hose Associates Ltd it gave the Company the expertise to able to manufacture stainless steel braided hose assemblies. David had worked within the metallic hose production sector for 20+ years before joining the Company and his skills and experience added value to the existing business.

Looking back this was the point when the business as we know it today began its real journey.

Production began on a very small scale, however, identifying an opportunity, in 1998 further investment was injected into thebusiness which also resulted in Father and Son making the bold decision to take control of the company by acquiring the entire issued share capital of Specialist Hose Associates Ltd.

It was at this point that the Company changed its name and became ADT Flexibles (UK) Ltd.

Work quickly began, to develop and grow ADT to be one of the leaders in the market for the manufacture of stainless steel braided hose assemblies, and in 2005, following its successful early growth under the new ownership, the production facility underwent its first move to an 8,000 square foot site in Bradford. This was the first in a number of progressive moves and significant infrastructure expansions which bring ADT to where they are today.

Not only was 2005 an exciting year for the business due to the new production premises, progression was also achieved in the product range as ADT began manufacturing composite tanker hose assemblies following the closure of their current suppliers facility in Leeds.

An arrangement to purchase the specialised equipment from their former trading partner was successfully brokered and key staff from the closed business were engaged to enable ADT to facilitate the smooth introduction of this new product type into the ADT product range.

The approach to product development was consistent with the approach to the development of metal braided hose assemblies, this being to manufacture a quality finished hose product on a quick turnaround while also remaining very competitively priced. Strongly believing that this formula has been the key to ADT's success.

Following the expansion of the infrastructure and product range, growth continued at a controlled rate over the next few years and in 2008 ADT took the opportunity to open a Service Centre in Grimsby. This 3,000 square foot facility gave the benefit of servicing North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire clients much more effectively.

To service the growth of the business, ADT invested heavily into its stock holding. The ADT supply chain is an integral part of the operations and the quest to source competitively priced materials has involved tapping into supply chains globally.

By 2010 stockholdings were such that the team had to search for additional premises for both production activities and storage. They were able to secure a short term deal on premises adjacent to the facility in Bradford, although this was never going to be a long term solution it certainly helped with immediate issues regarding additional space.

The search was then on to secure additional square footage on a more permanent long term deal.

In 2012 ADT identified and secured a 13,000 square foot facility in Morley, Leeds which following some significant investment was transformed into a new production facility.

The production activities were split over two levels with metallic hose assembly production on the lower and PTFE hose assembly production on the upper level.

2014 brought a further extension of 3,500 square foot to create an additional floor of office space; this enabled them to move the headquarters into the same building.

During this period, 2013 saw the retirement of David Taffinder following an acquisition of his shares by the Company. Andrew Taffinder took total control of the Company moving forward.

Further controlled growth continued and in 2019 the next stage of expansion became necessary, this included the addition of two new facilities both around 5,000 sq foot each, one unit being used solely for the storage of bulk stock, the other used exclusively for the production of rubber food hose assemblies and composite hose assemblies. The new production facility is a mirror of the main production facility at Morley including a full manufacturing capabilities and pressure testing line.

At the start of 2020 the footprint area for all ADT business premises is now approaching 40,000 square foot, and the value of stock levels are circa £1.5 million at cost.

Investment in the latest innovative machinery for welding, swaging, and testing facilities in recent years has also exceeded £300k.

ADT believe that the highly dedicated and experienced team that they have built over a number of years, along with this latest investment, positions the Company strongly in the industry, giving it the ability to manufacture the full range of ADT quality hose products with a short lead time whilst also remaining competitively priced.