Stainless Steel Metallic Hose Assemblies

Stainless Steel Metallic Hose Assemblies

Stainless Steel braided metallic hose is a versatile hose choice suitable for a wide range of applications for conveying an even wider range of products at very high temperatures (550ºC) to very low cryogenic temperatures (-250ºC).

All our stainless steel metallic hose products are suitable for full vacuum applications as well as a wide range of pressure capabilities.

Our range of stainless steel braided corrugated hose assemblies are available in a range of materials including 321, 316, and 304 grades of stainless steel, as well as some exotic materials such as Hastelloy, Monel and Inconel for those highly corrosive applications.

Typical areas of applications include the chemical oil and gas Industries, Iron and Steel Manufacture, Paper and Board Manufacture, as well as Power and Generation to just name a few.

All our hose assemblies can be manufactured with a full range of end connections, once again a variety of materials to suit the application.

This Hose type is available in a wide range of sizes from 1/4"nb (6mm) through to 12"nb (300mm) with the options of un-braided (-0), single braided (-1), double braided (-2), and braided braid options, with a wide range of additional outer protection covers depending on the application.

All hose and braid options can be supplied either loose for self assembly or supplied as a finished hose assembly to the current BS EN 10380: 2012 specification currently accepted and approved worldwide.

All our hose assemblies are available with outer protection if required. We can offer: Stainless steel overbraid, spring guard, flat guard, heat shrink, silicone sheathing and Pyrojacket. Please contact our sales office to discuss the best solution for your application.

We currently offer a stock range of four mainstream product options from a worldwide supplier base, once again dependant on application.