Hygienic Welding

ADT have recently invested in a state of the art fully automated orbital tig welder designed specifically for hygienic purged welds. This enables us to fabricate any hygienic type tubes or fittings which require this higher standard within the food, beverage, pharmaceutical or any other ultra clean environment. Please contact our technical sales team for more information.

Welding Qualifications

All ADT welding operatives are assessed and qualified by TUV to the highest of standards. Individual welder qualifications are available upon request by contacting our technical sales team. In addition all welds used in the production of metallic braided hose assemblies and pipework fabrication are also covered by TUV individual WPS's (weld procedure specification) and WPQR's (weld procedure qualification records). Once again please consult our team for further details. In addition we can assess and qualify where necessary hose assemblies to the current PED requirements. Currently this assessing and qualification can cover both CE and UKCA directives, for further information please contact our quality department. In addition to these services, ADT can also offer a  full technical drawing for completed hoses assemblies showing full design data and dimensions, as well as weld map information which covers  all relevant  WPS's associated with the design and manufacture.

Polishing Service

ADT now offer an in-house polishing service for those ultra clean applications within the pharmaceutical Industries.
This means producing fittings to special improved surface finish which can be as low as 0.2Ra. Once again please contact our technical sales team for more information.

Cleaning Service

We can offer a full cleaning service for all finished hose assemblies or fittings, this includes cleaning for oxygen applications or ultra clean environments, our technical sales team are available for advice relating to this procedure.


When requested all 3.1 mill material certification can be supplied for all components used in the manufacture of a metallic braided hose assembly, this can also be backed up and confirmed with our in house PMI analyser.
This Positive Material Identifier can produce additional certification confirming the chemical composition of all metal components used in the manufacture of the hose assembly.


All metallic hose assemblies are 100% hydrostatically pressure tested and certified to 1.5x working pressure. Other testing methods are available such as air/nitrogen/helium under water testing, please request specific testing requirement at the time of enquiry.

ADT can offer a wide range of additional quality procedures required in certain applications and Industries. They include a full range of NDT (non destructive testing) which include dye penetrative testing of welds, radiography tests of full penetration welds, and PMI as mentioned earlier.