Food Grade Hose Assemblies

Food Grade Hose Assemblies

ADT Flexibles offer an extensive range of hose assemblies for handling food, drink and pharmaceutical products.
All hose assemblies are manufactured with customer’s choice of end fittings such as Triclover, RJT, DIN, SMS, IDF and ILS.
Because ADT fabrication facilities can also supply bespoke end fittings.

For example, extended 45 and 90 degree elbows, dip tubes, Tee’s and cross pieces can be manufactured and fitted to hose assemblies. There is also a full range of loose hose, hygienic fittings, seals, ferrules and tube available from stock.

Product Range
Rubber FDA approved food quality hose is available with a variety of liners such as NR, SBR, EPDM and CBR. These hoses are manufactured for use with alcohol, hot animal and vegetable oils, milk products, fruit juices and potable water.

Silicone hygienic hose assemblies are excellent for use in the brewing and pharmaceutical industries, offering a high standard of cleanliness, flexibility and high operating temperatures. Silicone hoses are available with polyester braid and/or stainless steel wire helix reinforcement.

Food quality PVC suction delivery hose, ideal for drinks, vinegars, fruit juices, wine and liqueurs. Available with steel or PVC spiral reinforcement, a combination of steel spiral and braided yarn is also available, along with antistatic versions all up to 6".

PU food grade ducting is available for suction and transport of sugar, grain, flour, animal feed and dry foods. When flexibility and resistance to abrasive substances is desired, a PU ducting is a good product choice. This product is also available as antistatic offered in sizes up to 500mm.