Airduc PUR 350 Food-AS

Flexible hose/ ducting for abrasive powder, bulk material, granulate and for gases

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry: food-stuff, pharmaceutical

Conveying of dry foods e.g. rice, cereals, sugar, milk powder, powders, coffee, tea, grains, flour, frozen foods

Mixer, dryer, packaging machine, bulk-bag (big bag)-charging and discharging, mill

Explosion hazard area

Clean room ventilation, semiconductor production machine

Paper mill, paper and pulp industry: waste water, air extraction

Medical equipment/medical technology, healthcare sector: cable protection conduit, air supply hose, extraction hose

Municipal vehicle: lawn mower, slope mower, leaf blower/leaf collector

Medium-heavy duty 

Highly abrasion resistant

Food grade wall, complies with: EU-Directive 10/2011 AND EC 1935/2004, incl. the latest EU-Directive 2015/174, FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600

Odourless and tasteless

Microbe and hydrolysis resistant

Good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals

Permanently antistatic wall: according to ISO 8031 electrical and surface resistance <109Ω (according to TRGS 727 <2.5*108Ω*m and NFPA 652 108-109Ω)
surface resistance <109Ω (according to TRGS 727 <2.5*108Ω*m and NFPA 652 108-109Ω) 727: pneumatic transport of flammable dusts and bulk materials (Zone 20, 21, 22 inside), aspiration of combustible dusts (Zone 22 inside)

In accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU (1999/92/EC) and German  TRGS 727: for conveying for flammable liquids (inside zone 0, 1, 2),  for conveying for non-flammable liquids, for use in zone 1 and 2 
(gases), for use in zone 0 (gases)

According to DIN 26057 Type 2

Manufacturing process acc. GMP EC 2023/2006

Conforms to RoHS guideline

REACH according to technology/technical information/REACH

-40°C to 90°C

Short time to 125°C

Further diameters and lengths available on request

Transparent (standard)

Customer-specific branding

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