IVG Industrial Rubber Hose

IVG Industrial Rubber Hose

ADT Flexibles are Distributors of IVG mandrel built rubber industrial hose.

IVG Colbachini is an esteemed Italian company that specializes in producing rigid mandrel built rubber hoses that are suitable for conveying a variety of media including powders, granules, gases, and liquids.

IVG flexible hoses are designed to meet the needs of various industrial sectors such as oil & gas, food, chemical, dredging, metallurgical, railway, agricultural, steel industry and naval.IVG hoses can reach continuous lengths of up to 120 meters and ADT Flexibles can supply IVG Hose with any type of end fittings required.

IVG take pride in tailoring each rubber hose to the specific needs of their customers. IVG hoses are a perfect blend of advanced technology and the manual expertise of their skilled workforce.

IVG consider them selves as tailors and aim to produce tailor-made solutions even in small batches. This approach allows them to combine the economic, technical, and quality benefits of large industrial productions with the advantages of product customization that is typical of artisanal productions.

With 50 years of experience, they have established a precise identity in the sectors they operate in, and are supported by a robust distributor network around the world and ADT Flexibles are proud to be one of them in the UK.