Easyflex Convoluted PTFE

Easyflex Convoluted PTFE
Easyflex Convoluted PTFE

Easyflex® PTFE Convoluted hose was initially created with the intention of providing an effortless assembly method. With its 'true' ID design, Easyflex® eliminates the requirement for de-convoluting the hose when utilizing standard hydraulic inserts. This hose is particularly suitable for applications where continuous flexing, extreme temperatures, or chemical resistance are crucial factors. By offering a cost-effective solution throughout the entire lifespan of the hose, Easyflex® ensures long-term affordability

Used globally in low to medium pressure premium applications that require more flexibility or tighter bend radius whilst still requiring the high temperature and impeccable chemical resistance of the standard PTFE hose.

Easyflex is a helically convoluted PTFE tube with high tensile stainless steel 304 braid and high tensile 304 maypole wound stainless steel outer layer.

Helically convoluted PTFE tube -  PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part1. PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.61.C.E.4_12”

We also offer Easyflex with an Anti-static liner designed to ensure safe transfer of electrically resistive fluids even at high flow rates. 

Minimum working pressure -60 degrees Celsius with a maximum working pressure of +260 degrees Celsius.

Maximum working pressures (MWP) listed are calculated on the basis of a 3:1 safety factor relative to the burst pressure, so Burst Pressure = 3 x MWP. If the MWP is required based on a 4:1 safety factor (e.g. EN16643 requirement), multiply the listed value by 0.75.

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