Bauer Couplings

Bauer Couplings
Bauer Couplings

Unmatched efficiency

Genuine BAUER HK couplings are quickly and easily coupled/ uncoupled with a few simple hand movements, providing great flexibility of installation -even on difficult sites - with articulation on coupling joint up to 30°.

Mining and tunneling, civil engineering projects, road construction, delivery of fresh water, waste water, and compressed air. Suction and delivery lines for site dewatering, on shore/offshore drilling, ship to
ship/shore transfer.

In civil/military emergency, drinking water supply, disaster and fire control, temporary and emergency water supply lines, sewage, sludge, and waste dispo­sal, by pass lines. Exhaust gas emission, oil industry applications. Pneumatic conveyance systems for powder and granular materials. Vacuum loading and extraction systems.

Potable drinking water, waste water, compressed air, gasses and exhaust fumes, sludge, mortar, bentonite, crude oil and oil products, pneumatic loading of pow­der materials, and many more, subject to suitable seal options. Stainless steel range suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

A complete system quickly installed, even in the dark. No tools - no loose parts.

With up to 30° articulation on coupling joint. Suction and pressure-proof, providing excellent flexibility of installation, ideal for difficult site conditions.

Strong and durable
Produced from high-grade high-tensile steel, abrasion-resistant hot-dip galvanisation according to DIN 50976 - also stainless steel option.

Suction and pressure-proof up to 20 bar with all types of media, subject to suitable seal material options.

Heat resistance
Resists up to 110° C with special seals.

Tensile resistance
Suction and pressure-proof while subject to tensile stress.

Suitable for handling all types of products: hot dip galvanised or stainless steel product range. Special coatings on application.

With special locking pin system option.

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